Think big, very big … Think of all the countries in the world. With Vestel, it is possible.

V3® Formula: Cash + Support + Fund

V3® Formula = Cash + Support + Fund Vestel Ventures has developed V3® investment formula for initiatives. V3 consists of cash, support and funding.

In the beginning stage, one of the most difficult issue for entrepreneurs is the capital. As Vestel Ventures, we provide seed level investment and support as a solution for entrepreneurs’ financial problems.

We offer Vestel knowledge and facilities opportunities to entrepreneurs for each stage of production such as product design, industrial design, multi-screen interface design, prototyping, testing, certification and production.

We support entrepreneurs in international trade fairs and exhibitions to make marketing and branding workshop. Vestel, which exports to 135 countries and is a major force in the domestic market, is working with the academics in every region of the world, industry experts and consultants at the international level thanks to opportunities of this portfolio. These experts are the best in their respective areas, provide their know-how to entrepreneurs when they face with any problem.

We prevent struggle of entrepreneurs about financial issues and enable them to focus on their ideas.

With Vestel’s experience in grant funding in Turkey and Europe, grant fund and cash support are provided. If necessary, we produce solutions through consultancy for entrepreneurs when they have a problem.